Dr. Puhl is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner and has been helping many athletes with sports related injuries. Do you have a young athlete in your family? You want your athlete to perform at his or her peak potential.

Some factors to consider are the prevention of injuries and addressing biomechanical faults. Only a doctor who specializes in sports injuries and biomechanics could appropriately examine your athlete, address the findings, and give an accurate recommendation program. Dr. Tripp Puhl is a trained provider for Concerned Parents of Young Athletes and is capable of performing a “Structural Fingerprint Exam”.

The Structural Management® Program is the preferred program for

  • Athletes who want to understand their current and unique biomechanics
  • Athletes with acute injuries
  • Athletes with long term, chronic injuries

Unless an athlete goes through a biomechanical evaluation, they will never fully understand the underlying mechanical status, and therefore, will always be uninformed with regard to their needed strategy to reduce injuries, delay degeneration and preserve their human structure.

You can read more about this great program at www.cpoya.com.

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The Structural Management® Program encourages a proactive approach. In addition to normal wear and tear (caused by degeneration or osteoarthritis), we also run the risk of getting hurt or having old injuries manifest. We must work every day to preserve our musculoskeletal system and seek treatments and rehabilitation that address both prevention and treatment of non-surgical issues.

The Structural Management® Program was developed to address the FLAWS in our present sportsmedicine system;


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